There are private hire companies in Milton Keynes that begin with the letter S.

They recruit lots of drivers who are coming from far away district councils with hackney plates so they can send to collect you.Some of them have very poor,dodgy unsafe vehicles that are not very well maintained and checked very thorough,by their local licensing body.Some also display their license plate in the rear window which in some cases you can not read and the rules for Milton Keynes and South Northants council is that this has to be displayed on the outside of the vehicle.But with these other cabs,they are allowed to continue to work in Mk with the plate in the window and flout the regulation,of having the plate fixed to the outside of the vehicle.We consider this as very unsafe for the public,because we feel if your going to work and carry out private hire bookings,despatched from a company in Milton Keynes,those license plates should be worn on the outside of the vehicle and not on some rear shelf tucked away and obscure to read and follow the same protocol other cabs have to adhere by,collecting people working in Milton Keynes.


This should not be obscured or hidden away for the public not to be able to see, especially after so many strict crackdowns promised,on unfit for purpose cars and drivers,from Milton Keynes after the taxigate scandal previous months ago.

Final note is  always make sure your cab is displaying its license plate correctly and your driver has his id badge on display and if you dont see them, dont get in.